How you can fill up for 85 cents per “eGallon”

Our latest video talks a little about how you can charge up your EV for 85 cents per “eGallon” equivalent. Here are the numbers behind that figure, courtesy of James Campbell: eGallon makes its determination by multiplying 3 factors: 1) EV efficiency expressed in kwh per mile 2) average retail electricity rates (either by state


Over the last several weeks, we’ve been busting some common EV myths. Today, they’re all gathered in one place for your convenience! Click the myth to see us bust it. Learn all about the history of electric vehicles! They aren’t a flash in the pan; the technology has existed and improved over a long period

EV MYTHS: Range Anxiety

One of the most common worries about electric vehicle ownership is range anxiety– that’s the short way of saying “I’m afraid I’ll get stuck in the middle of nowhere with no way to fuel up.” Hopefully, this blog post will quell some of your range anxiety– from cars with better ranges and more charging stations

EV MYTHS: Cleaner or Dirtier?

  A big myth we hear in Utah, where air quality is an issue on everyone’s minds, is that driving electric is just as dirty as driving a gas powered car, because the electricity is largely still generated from nonrenewable energy. According to the EPA, however, the greenhouse gas emissions of an EV are equivalent

EV MYTHS: The Real Cost of EVs

  The most common detractor when it comes to EV adoption is the myth that electric vehicles are too expensive for the average consumer. I won’t pretend that driving your paid-off internal combustion engine (ICE) car is cheaper than buying a new EV, but when you’re in the market for a new car, electric vehicles

EV MYTHS: A Passing Fad

  For the next several weeks, we will be busting some myths about electric vehicles here on the Live Electric blog. This week’s myth: EVs are a passing fad. Electric cars aren’t a passing fad or newfangled idea. In 1900, it’s estimated that a third of the cars on the road in cities like Boston,


“Our transportation system has long relied on fossil fuels which has had and continues to have devastating impacts on our air quality,” said Professor Masood Parvania, who heads the Utah Smart Energy Lab– one of our technical partners. “The goal of Utah Smart Energy Lab (U-Smart) is to electrify our transportation system (cars, buses), reducing

The Live Electric Ride Hailing Program

On Wednesday, January 17, we cut the ribbon on new EV fast chargers at Kimball Junction, completing the charging corridor from the Salt Lake City International Airport to Park City, but that wasn’t the only thing worth celebrating– our partners Forth Mobility and Rocky Mountain Power also introduced the Live Electric Ride Hailing Program. This


Hanko Kiessner put it plainly: “clean air is an unalienable right.” His company, Packsize, is doing their part to ensure that residents of Salt Lake Valley get that right.  50 charging stations at Packwise’s Salt Lake City campus, available for both employees and the public to use, were unveiled on December 19. “My vision for

5th Annual National Drive Electric Plug-In Day

Live Electric Announces EV Showcase To Celebrate “National Drive Electric Week” at Tim Dahle Nissan of Murray Saturday, September 16, 2017 11am – 3pm Tim Dahle Nissan of Murray  4528 South State Street Murray, Utah September 9-16th is National Drive Electric Week and Live Electric is kicking off its electric vehicle and smart transportation campaign